Of Horses and Coffee

What do a one-horse carriage and a cup of coffee have in common?

Nothing. Unless you have that coffee in Vienna. As you may know the city is renowned for its coffeehouse culture and features a number of beautiful old cafés.  They in turn serve an abundance of quite unique coffee creations. And one of them, believe it or not, is a one-horse carriage. Confused? Fear not, all will be revealed.

Bild 375
Sorry, this is a two-horse carriage, of course. We didn’t have a photo with just one horse. You get the idea though…


And this is the coffee in question.

In Vienna the word Einspänner, which is usually only used to describe the carriage already mentioned, is the name of one of the best kinds of coffee ever. It’s a double espresso served in a glas cup and topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Often, a little biscuit gently balances on top of the cream and can be used to scoop some out before mixing it with the coffee.

Apparently, this drink was popular with Viennese carriage drivers back in the 19th century when one-horse carriages were all the range. They drank it on the go and appreciated the thick layer of cream because it kept the coffee underneath warm for quite some time. An old fashioned travel mug if you will. Well, I’d like to thank them for this innovation because it’s delicious and puts me in a good mood. As it’s really very simple, you could try it out at home and see for yourselves.

I have to confess that when I went to take the photo above I got carried away and had more than just coffee. But how can anyone resist this:


It’s a cranberry tartlet and unimaginably delicious. I might well develop a bit of an addiction…

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